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30"x20", Flower photography.

Framed $450.00,plus shipping cost.

Flowers, tulips, iris's, bleeding harts , Click on pictures to view then right click and set as desktop wallpaper. Its free, @ personal use only.

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   More Pictures And Other sizes available.

30"x  20" Wildlife photographs, click here.

30"x  20" Nature photographs, Click Here.

16"x20" photographs, Click Here.

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Copyright 2004 to 2009. Salty Productions . 

Prints professionally developed by Inkley's of Logan.

Professional framing done by Al's Trophies & Frames

Signed  By Photographer David Saltern.

 Email  Preferred :
We will try to respond as quickly as possible

Other sizes available. Please email with inquiry's. 

By phone if needed 435 245 0805

Pictures also available without frame.

Award winning Photography By David Saltern